What is the Most Common Cause of AC Compressor Failure in AC in Taylor, TX? Not Cooling & More

The HVAC system is derived from many parts, appliances, and other elements that work in harmony to produce a heated or cooled space. Like the overall system, the air conditioner unit itself has many pieces that bring it all together. The components help make your home cool and comfortable by removing the heat and balancing the humidity. The compressor component is absolutely essential to the cooling process. The basics of the air compressor is what we at Absolute P&M Services would like to share today.

AC Compressor Working Principle

As part of the compressor’s job, the temperature of the refrigerant is raised. By squeezing and increasing the pressure put on the refrigerant, this is accomplished. Once the temperature is raised to a certain point above the temperature of its surroundings, the refrigerant, in its liquid state, moves throughout the system. After the refrigerant is heated, it then begins to move throughout the condenser coils on the outside unit. Through this process, the heat absorbed by the refrigerant to be released into the outdoors. The air is cooled inside your home once this process is complete.

AC Compressor Common Problems

The air conditioner compressor is often referred to the heart of the air conditioning unit with good reasons. Without the component that initiates the heating of the refrigerant, the entire air conditioning cycle would not be able to continue. If you are facing an AC compressor problem, things can break down very fast. Your compressor not working can be caused for several factors. Among the most common issues is lack of electricity to the unit. In the event that you notice any of the following list below, your compressor might be to blame.
– A stutter is common when the AC starts up
– Cooling efficiency is waning
– Air discharges either too high or too low

How Do You Stop a AC Compressor from Going Bad?

When it comes your air conditioner compressor, there are some issues that can be prevented. These include system contaminates, oil lubricant inadequacies, dirty coils, obstructions in suction lines, low refrigerant, improper suction line sizes, too much refrigerant, and electrical concerns. With routine maintenance, these issues can be avoided. To ensure an overall healthy operating system, experts will clean the AC, clear out obstructions, appropriate lube application, refrigerant levels are checked, remove system contaminates, and electrical systems are inspected.

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