What Happens when a Furnace Draft Inducer Motor Goes Bad & How Do You Fix It in Austin, TX?

Due to a recent government-mandate, all new gas furnaces are required to have a draft inducer motor. A draft inducer motor’s main purpose is to dramatically improve a furnace’s heating efficiency. Better efficiency means money saved and less of an environmental impact. Even though the draft inducer is mandated, it has the highest failure rate out of all of the furnace’s components. Absolute P&M Services would like to share more about the draft inducer and what signs to watch for if they fail.

What is the Purpose of a a Draft Inducer Motor?

A furnace receives the signal from the thermostat to start up a heating cycle when needed. As the furnace starts a heating cycle, the draft inducer motor will begin to spin. The spinning helps to remove dangerous gases that are produced during the heating cycle. The gas is then sent through the furnace flue or chimney. The draft inducer motor will start up before the burner ignites. That is because the spinning of the motor provides a steady flow of oxygen. The draft from the spinning also helps to prevent clog and soot build up. A draft inducer box is basically a fan and an electrical box that aids the furnace’s start up system. When the draft inducer motor fails there will be some signs.

Signs of Draft Inducer Motor Failure

Out of all of the furnace’s components it is the draft inducer motor that fails the most. When the draft inducer motor fails it will develop certain symptoms. One of the most common signs of the component’s failure is a tapping noise. The tapping noise is often the result of dirt or soot build up that was collecting in the fan’s shaft. Tapping may also be the bearing in the motor that is rubbing together. The draft inducer motor will need to be cleaned out and the bearing replaced when they fail. Another symptom that can develop is vibration. You may feel or hear a vibrating noise coming from the motor if the draft inducer is failing. The fan’s wheel can become out of balance which will cause the vibration. The fan wheel can even collide with the other adjacent components. When the draft inducer motor fails, it can no longer ventilate the gas properly or supply the burner with enough oxygen to keep the burners lit. It is important to identify the problem and have the draft inducer and its motor repaired.

How Do You Fix a Draft Inducer Motor?

The way a draft inducer motor is designed, it is impossible to rebuild it when they fail. You will need to have the motor or the fan replaced. When it comes to diagnosing and repairing the inducer motor, it should only be done by a licensed technician. Only a licensed company can have access to the needed parts. Additionally, replacing the motor can be dangerous if you do not know of the potential hazards and how to work around them.

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