What Happens if Furnace is Oversized in Hudson Bend, TX? Short Cycling, Early Replacement & More

When the time comes to replace your home furnace, many homeowners want a furnace that will cost less money to run. Every homeowner should consider where and how they can save money and seek an efficient furnace. This is definitely a great idea. When replacing your home’s heating system, many people come to the conclusion to buy a bigger or oversized furnace. Bigger means it will need to run less as it creates more heat than needed, right? A bigger furnace should cost less money to run. However, this is not the case. There is a major misconception that an oversized furnace will save you money. Absolute P&M Services will explain why an oversized furnace is a bad idea and how they can cost you more money.

Why Does My Furnace Keep Short Cycling?

When you install an oversized furnace you will have a number of different problems starting with short cycling. Short cycling is when the furnace begins to run a cycle and suddenly shuts off. Short cycling happens because the oversized furnace sends out too much heat. The thermostat picks up the increased temperature and shuts off the furnace. Along with short cycling you have hot spots in some areas, while the rest of the home will feel cold. The furnace will never run along enough to heat up the inside of the home equally. Additionally, new furnace’s have a safety system where if it encounters too many short cycles it will turn off the furnace permanently, requiring a complete rest.

Will an Oversized Furnace Save You Money?

The common misconception about a bigger furnace is that it will save you money. This isn’t true. An oversized furnace will actually cost more money to run. Using a car as an example, you will use more gas if you turn on and off your car each time you stop. The needed fuel to start up the engine is more than the fuel used while idling. A furnace is very similar. They use more natural gas or power each time they start up. Where short cycling will occur you are using more heat power than necessary. Additionally, due to the frequent short cycles the furnace will run down faster. You will have to spend money on repairs much more often and the furnace will have a shorter life span. An oversized furnace is simply inefficient and will cost you more money.

Is a Bigger Furnace Better?

It is important to get a properly sized furnace for your home. An oversized furnace costs more money and develops a lot of problems. You will be spending more money on repairs, cost of running the furnace, and a premature furnace replacement in the future. If you’re replacing a furnace make sure you get the right size machine. Modern furnaces have greatly improved and are much more efficient than older furnaces. Simply by replacing your old furnace with a modern one, you will save money regardless. It is strongly advised to get the right sized furnace. You will save money and it will last its proper life span with less repairs.

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