What Does Boiler Kettling Sound Like in Del Valle, TX? Are Noisy Kettling Boilers that Need Repair Dangerous?

Kettling in a boiler can have a number of potential dangers if not corrected when symptoms occur. When you begin to hear a deep rumbling sound coming from your boiler, it is telling you there is a problem. When your boiler begins to show signs of kettling, it needs immediate attention by a professional. Absolute P&M Services will share the dangers of kettling and why your boiler may encounter this problem.

What Does Boiler Kettling Sound Like?

Kettling in reference to boiler, is a term to describe sounds coming from the boiler. When kettling occurs, it is a bad sign that the boiler’s health is compromised. Kettling is caused often by hard water that produces high levels of mineral in the tank. As hard water flows throughout the heat exchanger, it will slowly deposit small amounts of minerals. The minerals can get stuck along the inner walls of the boiler piping, restricting the flow of water out of the heat exchanger and through the pipes. If water gets trapped in the heat exchanger, the water will begin to evaporate into steam, which increases the pressure on the pipes. When pressure increases, it will reveal itself in a loud rumbling sound.

Is a Noisy, Kettling Boiler Dangerous?

Why is kettling considered dangerous? Boilers are not designed to contain hot boiling water, let alone the pressure created from the steam. Steam expands and increases over time. This will put a ton of stress on the heat exchanger and the pipes. Once the pressure increase too high for the heat exchanger or the pipes to handle, it can result in a rupture. When the heat exchanger ruptures the entire boiler system will fail. Losing your home’s heating system during the winter is far less than ideal. Another common result of early kettling is an increased utility bill which can help to detect the problem early. This is why when the sounds of kettling occur, it is best to seek out professional kettling repairs.

Boiler Kettler Repair

When kettling occurs there are a few ways to correct the problem. Depending on how bad the level of minerals are in the boiler system, the enter boiler system may need to be flushed. All of the water inside the boiler system is removed to help flush out the mineral. Afterwards, the boiler system will be refilled with fresh water along with a solution to prevent and break down any remaining minerals. After the boiler has been flushed and treated, it important that the pressure level of the boiler is properly calibrated. Too little or too much pressure can lead to more problems with the boiler. To prevent kettling, it is always best to remember to have your boiler tuned-up once a year. Neglect is the number one cause of kettling and other common boiler repairs.

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