What Causes a Furnace Heater Not to Heat in West Columbia, TX? Leak, Dirt & More

During this time of year, we rely on our heating systems to keep the indoors warm and comfortable. When you notice that your home simply is not as warm as you expect it to be or as it usually is, you know something is wrong with the heating system. You need the heating system running efficiently, not only for your own comfort, but especially if you have small children or the elderly living in your home. Though time and use will contribute to the heating system breaking down from wear and tear, there are other sources that causes heating problems. Today, we at Absolute P&M Services would like to discuss the common causes of heating problems.

Dirty Furnace Filters

For your system’s performance and overall efficiency, the filter for your heater is highly important. It will prove problematic when your heater is dealing with a heavily dirty filter. Your airflow is reduced into your heater, the comfort lessened, and the strain on the system increases when there is a filthy filter.

Temperature Detection Problems

In some instances you may begin to notice that your thermostat is reading a certain temperature but it just doesn’t seem to reflect it. This issue is worth your time to look into. Improper function for your heater is often due to a problem with the thermostat’s ability to detect the temperature in the home. Ensure the thermostat connections are secure, the battery is fresh, and the settings are correct, if necessary, it may be time to upgrade the thermostat.

Dirty Heating System

Your heater can be impacted by more than a dirty filter. On the heating system, buildup collects over time. Dirt collecting in the burners can cause a delay in ignition on gas-powered furnaces for example. Delayed heating, increased strain, and some less than pleasant smells too can occur with a heat pump or electric furnace from the dirt collecting on heating components.

Furnace Leak

Most people do not realize heating systems can leak. Unless you have a boiler, you won’t have to worry about water leaks here. But keep in mind that leaks can happen outside of a boiler. If the gas line connection malfunctions or the furnace develops a cracked heat exchanger, a heat pump may leak refrigerant, or a gas-powered furnace may leak gas. As they need to be addressed immediately, you need to identify any leaks since in any situation, they are not good.

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Whenever you hear strange sounds, smell unusual odors, or notice the heating output is not what it should be, you need to contact a pro. Since these issues aren’t going to resolve themselves on their own, the sooner the better. For heating system problems in the Greater Houston, Texas, call in the experts of Absolute P&M Services and let us assist you. We can help provide superior services when you need heating repairs, installation, replacements, and/ or maintenance services.

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