What Can Cause an AC Compressor to Fail in Brushy Creek, TX? Dirty Condenser Coils, Refrigerant Leak & More

The compressor of an HVAC system helps to transform the refrigerant from a liquid into a gas which then helps to remove the heat from the air. When the compressor develops problems the air will not cool down and will leave the home warm. A number of things can affect the compressor and lead to its failure. Most of these problems can be prevented with proper maintenance and care. Absolute P&M Services will share some of the common compressor problems, and how they can be prevented.

Need to Clean Dirty AC Condenser Coils

The compressor has a coil system similar to the evaporator coils. When the compressor’s coils become dirty the compressor cannot properly compress the refrigerant. When you have dirty coils the air conditioner cannot create the cool air. This means the home will stay warm. Additionally, the thermostat will continually trigger cooling cycles causing your air conditioner to run constantly which will increase your power bill. To prevent inefficiency which leads to increased costs, make sure to keep the coils clean.

Low Suction Pressure in Refrigeration Line

The air conditioner relies on liquid refrigerant to create the cool air for the home. The refrigerant travels through the refrigerant line and through the evaporator coil system. When there is a blockage in the refrigerant’s suction line then the refrigerant cannot flow to the evaporator, preventing the air conditioning from cooling down the home. Most blockages are caused by the suction line being damaged such as a dent or a collapse somewhere along the pipe. It is important to keep the refrigerant line protected to prevent damages from occurring.

AC Refrigerant Leak

The compressor receives refrigerant during the cooling cycle. At times the refrigerant can leak out on its way to the compressor and prevent the compressor from doing its job. Refrigerant leaks are a major problem as it can lead to overheating of the compressor. If the compressor is overheating, it can burn up and break down completely. It is much better to repair a refrigerant leak then an entire compressor. When you notice your refrigerant is low have the leak repaired before the compressor overheats and burns up.

What Happens if AC System Maintenance is Neglected?

The compressor, along with the other components of the HVAC system, requires proper maintenance to prevent major component failure. Part of maintaining the compressor and its joining parts is cleaning and lubrication. You can prevent major failure and extend the life of compressor simply by having the compressor cleaned and lubed. The entire HVAC system should be maintained twice a year. The cooling system should be tuned-up in the spring and the heating system tuned-up in the fall.

Debris in Air Conditioner Condenser

Inside the condenser is the compressor, whereas the condenser is located outside, the condenser is open to the elements. Often wind can blow in dirt, leaves and other forms of debris inside the condenser. When debris gets inside the condenser the compressor and the fan is at risk of damages. As a homeowner you will want to ensure your condenser stays clean.

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You will want to keep your compressor healthy to ensure an efficient HVAC system. With proper care and maintenance you can prevent compressor failure and other HVAC failures. If you find you need help repairing your air conditioner or other HVAC services, contact Absolute P&M Services.

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