What Can Cause AC Not to Cool in Hutto, TX? What Happens if the Air Conditioner is Not Serviced & More

Your air conditioner is more than capable of standing on its own when it comes to temperatures and the elements, however, the air conditioner can be in serious trouble if homeowners do something they should not. This is why most industry leaders recommend homeowners to seek out an expert when the air conditioner needs repairs. Where there are many points, we encourage homeowners to do, such as routinely changing air filters, cleaning and clearing the air vents, scheduling routine maintenance with an expert and so on. Today, we at Absolute P&M Services would like to take the opportunity to stress the things you shouldn’t do in regard to your air conditioner. Because there is so much on the line, such as system warranties and delicate components, be sure apply the advice below for the overall health of your system.

What Happens if AC is Not Serviced?

In the event you don’t think you should be opening it up to conduct a task, then it’s always a good idea to avoid it. This is an especially great rule to apply when it concerns the air conditioner. It is an intrusion to an area that requires technical expertise with anything aside from replacing an air filter. Below are some examples of this.

Can a Refrigerant Leak Be Repaired?

When you hear your air conditioner making a hissing or bubbling noise, it usually indicates there’s a refrigerant leak coming from somewhere in your air conditioner. Unfortunately, it is a common mistake for homeowners thinking to yourself that you can patch it up with the help of a few helpful DIY tutorials online. In addition to being harmful to breathe in, refrigerant can be hazardous to your eyes, nose, mouth and skin. With the right equipment and training, professionals are in the better position to ensure leaks are sealed. You will cause more harm than good since refrigerant is harmful for inexperienced, not to mention unlicensed, people to work with. You can’t call it a day after putting duct tape over your air conditioner’s refrigerant line. To make sure everything is done according to code, these jobs require specialized material and a well-trained eye. Hire a professional, other wise you make the situation worse and costlier to repair.

Avoid DIY Central Air Conditioning Repairs

Many homeowners think it is no big deal to open the unit of the air conditioner to repair a squealing belt for instance. However, when they do not know about the inner workings of an air conditioner, they are unable to spot potential problems and even the correct way to replace the belt. Unfortunately, you could be voiding your system’s warranty by opening it up and trying to repair it yourself. Being delicate in nature, the process of locating the problem and fixing it requires the right tools and understanding. You could cause expensive damage to the system, perhaps even breaking it if touches anything or bumps a component you are not supposed to. The professional, who does this on a regular basis, does not pose such a risk.

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