What are the Steps of a Furnace Installation in Cloverleaf, TX? Clean Site, Placement, Connections & More

Have you ever gone and taken a look at your furnace? When it comes to installing a furnace, it is a little more complicated than just plugging it in and hitting the start button. The professionals at Absolute P&M Services are here to help you understand the steps that go into properly installing a furnace. When the furnace is installed, it needs to be done correctly so that it is running safely in your home.

Clean Furnace Installation Site

When professional comes in to install the furnace, they need a clean area to work with. They do not want to worry about obstacles, or other appliances getting in their way. You need to remove any combustible material that may be around the area that they will be working in. If there is ever an incident where the materials come in contact with exhaust gas, it could ignite. Also, they need access to both gas outlets and gas lines.

Ensure Furnace is Positioned Properly

When adding a furnace, it does not just sit in the location and left there a little wobbly. The technician has to make sure that your furnace is standing on solid ground and positioned properly. This helps prevent any incidents later on when they attach the pipes and wires. If necessary, they may put a piece of plywood under it to ensure that it is stable. The furnace should not move around or be wobbly. It should be secured in its location.

Connect Electrical Components of Furnace

Next comes electrical work. The technician will need all the power shut off to the furnace. They will use a voltmeter to make sure that there is no power coming to the wires and the location that they are working with. They will then connect all the wires and make sure that it is powered correctly. They do not want to overload your circuit breaker with too many appliances so they will make sure they know the size of the furnace and how to properly install the electrical work.

Connect Furnace to Gas

Once the electrical is done, the HVAC contractor then install the gas line. They will make sure that there is enough space to prevent any clogging or corrosion from happening in the future. They will use the right pipes and cut the correct holes to make this a smooth process. When installing a gas line, they also have to connect pipes with the perfect amount of tightness. Too tight or too loose can cause problems.

Test Run Furnace

Once everything is hooked up, then they can switch the power on again. They will sit there and wait to make sure there are no unusual noises or smells. Then they will check every part of the furnace to make sure that it is all working properly.

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Installing a furnace takes time and it is a process that needs to be done correctly and safely. The professionals at Absolute P&M Services have experience and know how to install your furnace the correct way. So that you can get back to having a warm home without having to worry about trying to install your furnace.

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