Upstairs is Too Hot in Kemah, TX; Why a Temperature Difference Between First & Second Floor?

Second story homes throughout Texas often struggle to keep the top floor of their home cool. There are many key factors that cause the higher floors of any building to be warmer than the ground floor. One major factor is the “heat stack affect” which simply means heat rises. Cool air drops and warm air rises. Because of this natural phenomenon, cooling the second story is simply more difficult. There are additional factors which make the problem worse. Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical will share what can cause the second story of a home to be hotter and how to correct the problem.

Old Air Conditioner is Less Efficient

As an air conditioner ages it slowly loses its effectiveness and efficiency. Typically, an air conditioner older than 15 to 20 years will begin to operate poorly. Old air conditioners may struggle to maintain a cool second floor, especially when you have the heat stack affect working against the machine. If you have an older unit that is responsible for cooling the second story but it is no longer adequate for the job, it may be time to replace the second story air conditioning unit. Some homes may even run on a single unit that must cool down the entire home. Especially for second story homes with a single older unit, consider replacing your air conditioning system. Not only will a modern unit cool the second story better but a new unit will have better efficiency and can reduce your monthly power bills dramatically.

Collapsed, Crushed, Damaged or Leaking Air Duct & Duct Work

The air duct system uses small sections of duct work that is sealed together as it snakes throughout the home. Often the duct work will split into various directions. The bottom floor and second floor divide at a certain point. If the second story appears to be hotter than normal and the air conditioner struggles to keep the second floor cool, there may be a leak in the second story ducts. Leaks often occur where two sections were sealed together. There are various methods of sealing two sections and typically, over time, the adhesive weakens and the duct work separates. All of the cool air escapes out of the air ducts before it reaches the inside of the home. You can do a quick visual inspection or contact an HVAC technician to inspect the ducts and repair any sign of leaks.

Poor Attic Insulation in House

As the season warms up, so does the attic. The attic can become very hot and hold the heat especially if there is poor ventilation. When the insulation in the attic is improperly installed or ages, the heat will radiate down through the ceiling and heat up the second story. Attic insulation will naturally degrade over time. Therefore, heat problems are very common in older homes. Have the attic insulation quality inspected. If the attic insulation isn’t properly shielding your home from the heat then consider replacing the attic insulation.

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Most second floors are the prime bedroom location in a home. Sleeping in a hot room can become a major disturbance. If your second floor is hot, contact Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical to help determine why it so hot and what can be down to help cool your second floor. For quality plumbing and HVAC services, contact Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical today.

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