Troubleshooting Furnace Problems in Lake Jackson, TX; Bad Blower Motor, Short Cycling & More

Heating systems are essential equipment in every home. When it’s cold outside, you want to make sure that your furnace will keep you warm. Unfortunately, every homeowner will run into furnace problems at some point. Lucky for you there are professionals that can figure out what the problem is and get it running again. Even if your heater worked perfectly last year, it may have some issues this year. What are some of the most common problems that your heater will face when the temperatures drop?

Furnace Heating Problems in Cold Winter Weather

1. Issues with the furnace blower motor. The motor is what forces air through the ducts and into your home. If the motor isn’t working, it can’t move air through the system. The motor will experience wear and tear during its lifetime. It’s common for it to fail at some point. Luckily, it can be replaced by a professional.
2. Furnace ignition sensor failure. Gas-burning furnaces have a pilot light that ignites the fuel to warm the air. The pilot light is connected to a thermocouple that regulates the movement of gas. The gas will be shut off if the pilot light is extinguished. This is an important safety feature because the thermocouple will shut the furnace down if it’s not working. Any issue with the pilot light will cause the system to shut down.
3. Air flow problems. When your heating system becomes clogged with dust and debris, the air flow will become challenged and will not work efficiently. Air flow can also become hampered when air ducts are damaged or leaky. These issues can also cause your furnace to stop working. You need to keep air filters clean to avoid these problems.
4. Furnace short cycling. If your heater is turning on and off more than usual, it may be heat cycling. Heat cycling lowers the efficiency of your system and increases your utility bills. You will be getting heat, but this problem needs to be fixed. Clean air filters can help prevent this problem. If a clean filter doesn’t work, call a professional to take a look.
5. Lack of heat. A lack of heat still means you’re getting heat but not enough. It may be due to a few problems. The first thing you should check is to see if the thermostat is working properly and has fresh batteries. If you have a heat pump it may be having a hard time with the cold weather. You should check to see if it has a deforest setting to keep ice and frost at bay. If your heat pump doesn’t have a defrost setting, you will need to keep it free of ice and frost.

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Don’t be left cold this winter. Having regular maintenance done and changing filters is the best way to have an efficient furnace with the lowest possible heating costs. If you start having problems with your furnace contact Absolute P & M Services for help. We are highly skilled at heating repairs to keep your home warm and comfortable. Give us a call today!

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