Is Liquid Plumber Drain Cleaner Safe for Pipes in Angleton, TX? Damages Pipes, Harmful Fumes & More

Drain clogs, especially those in the bathroom are fairly common and especially a nuisance to ensure and remedy. To effectively remove a clog from a drain, experts in the industry recommend relying on a plunger, muscle, and some patience. However, more often than not, homeowners have been programmed to actually rely on the seemingly short-term effectiveness of liquid drain cleaners to clear out the clogs, especially due to the cheap nature and the convenience of finding them on department shelves. In truth, industry leaders, both plumbers and manufacturers, encourage consumers to avoid the use of the liquid cleaners to combat inefficiently draining pipes. The majority of these products are actually more harmful to your plumbing then beneficial and these chemical solutions are nowhere near as effective as you have been brainwashed to believe. With negative impact on the environment and the high toxicity they contain, we at Absolute A/C & Plumbing would like to discuss the importance of avoiding liquid drain cleaners.

Liquid Drain Cleaner Damages Plumbing Pipes

Acidic compounds are contained the liquid drain cleaners in order cut through the clogs, and to give you the illusion of its effectiveness. However, these residual chemicals stay in the pipes after the acid melts through the clog, causing your metal and/or plastic pipes to corrode and weaken. Where the chemicals left the pipes weak, they are then susceptible to breaks and leaks. The chemical drain cleaner will rest in your pipes more so with heavier clogs, which only worsens the impact it leaves in its wake.

Liquid Drain Openers Don’t Work Long Term

Drain cleaners are sometimes referred to as drain openers, which is actually a more accurate representation of these chemicals. The products don’t completely remove the clog, but it can cut through them as opposed to the professional plumber who uses drain snakes, hydro jets, and other advanced methods to efficiently clean drains and remove clogs. Because it cuts through the clog, they are seemingly efficient in the short term at removing it, though the cleaners tend to contribute to buildup in the pipes, adding to current obstructions and developing new ones, causing you to reach for the liquid drain cleaner again and again on a constant cycle.

Inhalation of Drain Cleaner Fumes is Harmful

Due to the acidic content that is capable of eating through clogs plastic and even metal piping, it is fair to presume that these product’s chemicals are highly toxic. Common ingredients in these products include lye and sulfuric acid, among others, and they are highly likely to be harmful to skin and eye contact. Additionally, the vapors are generally harmful as well as they are known to aggravate your eyes and respiratory system as they are being poured down the offending drain.

Caustic Drain Cleaners are Bad for the Environment

When you use any chemical that is hazardous to your health and can damage your plumbing, there is a chance it will equally negatively impact the environment. Some of the product residues will remain behind in the bottle once you have used up the bottle. From there the container will likely end up in a landfill, where the chemical seeps into the ground where it can possibly contaminate groundwater where acidic chemicals will harm the surrounding nature.

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When you experience a clog and traditional methods are just not cutting it, do not be seduced by liquid drain cleaners. Instead, call Absolute A/C & Plumbing and let our certified experts clean the drains to ensure they are safely cleaned and running smoothly.

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