Is Central AC Really Broken in Wild Peach Village, TX? Troubleshooting Clogged AC Drain, Tripping Circuit Breaker & More

It is common for people to instantly call a professional for repairs when the air conditioner is not functioning. Though in many instances a licensed technician is essential, there are some simple troubleshooting you can do first to get the air conditioner running. Today, we at Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical would like to elaborate on the simple fixes you can do before calling a professional to get the air conditioner operating again.

Troubleshooting Central Air Conditioner Problems

1) Change Air Filter: Depending on their type, the air filters, by design, need to be cleaned or replaced, on a routine basis. You should be inspecting the filters once a month and maintain accordingly, to ensure maximum protection. Keep in mind that you should never let the filters go longer than 3 months. The filters collect the dirt and debris, which accumulates to capacity in 4-8 weeks. When the filters are full, airflow is restricted, preventing the air conditioner to distribute cool air. Always check the filters first when the A/C is insufficiently operating.
2) AC Safety Switch Turned Off: A safety switch, fixed on every air conditioner unit, can be accidentally flipped off. To prevent the water damage stemming from air conditioner leaks, the safety switch is in place. The water damage from the leakage seeping into the ceiling and walls of your home can be costly. Should the safety switch be unnecessarily flipped, simply rest the unit. However, if it was activated due to a leak, call a professional as soon as possible.
3) AC Tripping Circuit Breaker: A simple reset will get the air conditioner back on, as the circuit breaker connected to the air conditioner can be tripped from time to time. To prevent damage and injury, the circuit breakers are designed to trip if the power surge is excessive. If the circuit breaker trips a lot though, better contact an expert.
4) No Power to AC: Make certain that power outage is not a factor, since the unit cannot operate without power, prior to calling your HVAC technician. If the home is not receiving power, you will need to call your power provider to find out why. Keep in mind however, there are other power sources that cab e faulty, preventing the unit from getting power.
5) Clogged AC Drain Line: The air conditioner can shut off when the air conditioner drain line is clogged or if there is a clogged condensation pump. When these clogs are removed, and the lines cleaned out, the air conditioner back on track. This issue may be better left with technician since accessing these areas can be difficult.
6) Dead Thermostat Battery: Without a working thermostat, the air conditioner cannot perform. A thermostat cannot communicate with the A/C if it is not powered up. First check the battery if the thermostat is not powered on. If the problem is still present after replacing the battery with a fresh one, call a professional.

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If any of these troubleshooting tactics prove insufficient, you should contact a professional for further diagnostics and repairs. If your air conditioner is experiencing problems in your Greater Houston, TX home, call Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical and let our certified technicians assist you.

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