Is a Spring Air Conditioning Tune Up Necessary in Tomball, TX? Maintenance Checklist & More

When it comes to having an efficient and reliable air conditioning system, maintenance is essential. With spring’s greetings there is a lot to do to prepare for the upcoming summer season. It is often recommended that the air conditioning system be serviced and tuned-up in the spring as well as in the fall, when you have the home heating system serviced. With spring here now, is the time to have the air conditioning system tuned-up. Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical will share why it is important to have the air conditioning system serviced and its many benefits.

When Should You Get an AC Tune Up?

Why is it important to tune up the air conditioning system and why in the spring? In truth you can have the air conditioning system serviced any time during the year. However, there are many advantages of having the system tuned-up during the spring. The air conditioning system was not used all winter long. It has been standing for several months and so plenty of debris or erosion could have occurred. Since the system has been left standing, it is good to have the system inspected and tuned-up to ensure that no problems occurred during the winter season. The air conditioning unit is inspected, cleaned, lubricated, and tested. If any problems are detected, the air conditioning system can be repaired. By tuning and having any repairs done before summer, not only can you expect a reliable cooling system, but a more efficient one.

Why an AC Tune Up is Necessary?

When the air conditioning system is serviced the air conditioning will provide better performance. When an air conditioning system struggles to cool the home, the air conditioning system uses more power and works harder than it should. When the air conditioning system works harder to cool the home, it costs more power and also wears down various components quicker. Replacing components or an entire air conditioning unit can be expensive. With the natural course of time the air conditioner will require repair and eventual replacement. However, when you regularly maintain and care for your air conditioning system, it helps prolong the life of the unit. When having your air conditioning system serviced you can have the reassurance of a reliable air conditioning system all summer long. However, not all maintenance is up to your HVAC technician.

Homeowner Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

For an efficient and healthy air conditioning system, other maintenance must be done by the homeowner. One important maintenance procedure is changing the air filters. Air filters must be changed often. Each home varies on levels of indoor contaminants which determine how often the filter should be changed. Check the filters monthly and if they are filled with dust and other contaminants, change them out. Air filters play a major role in the health and efficiency of the air conditioning unit. For homes with a ground unit, make sure the unit and its surrounding area stays clean, free of weeds, grass and debris. The air conditioning unit outside needs room to breathe, so avoid anything from getting sucked inside.

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With spring time here, now is the time to have your air conditioning system tuned-up to ensure an efficient, healthy and reliable cooling system before the summer heat kicks in. For quality HVAC and plumbing services, contact Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical and schedule our services today.

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