How to Increase Home AC Efficiency in West Lake Hills, TX; Furnace Tune Up Maintenance, House Sealing & More

Enjoying a warm house in the winter is always preferable. Though there are operating costs, you do not have to sacrifice comfort to save some money. Today, we at Absolute Air Conditioning & Heating would like to offer some tips on how to optimize the central heating in your Houston, TX home.

Routine Furnace Tune Up Maintenance

You can ensure the best performance from your equipment and save money on your utility costs in the long run through consistent and regular maintenance service from a professional. Whether any immediate or preventative repairs should be done, and if your filter is clogged, as well as current condition of the system can be assessed with a trained expert. To save money in the long-term, professional maintenance helps significantly.

Change Air Filters

Year round, the HVAC system operates. Filters capture the dirt, debris, and other contaminate particulates. If the filters are filled to and beyond capacity, the HVAC system has to work harder, which puts strain on the system, costing you more and more. To reduce the likelihood of breaking down and to help your system’s longevity, make sure to change or clean your filters regularly.

HVAC Home Sealing

When it comes to maximizing your heating efficiency, sealing your home can be incredibly beneficial. You run the risk of losing all the moisture in your home while the cold, dry air enters your home, meaning that if you have specific areas in your home where air leaks is the point of sealing your home is to prevent the warm air in your home from escaping. You can then take the necessary steps towards sealing your home once you or a heating professional performs a home energy audit to find out where the leaks are.

Reduce Heat to Save Money on Operating Costs

Lowering your heat can actually help maximize your heating efficiency, though it may seem like a contradicting way to using your heat. To prevent your home from overheating 24/7 and to help reduce the cost of your bill, keep your heat at a low but constant temperature. Don’t be afraid to use a blanket or dress in layers.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Commonly used thermostats include:
– Programmable Thermostat
– Mechanical / Manual
– Learning or Smart, generally Wi-Fi enabled
– Digital Non-Programmable
Programmable or Smart thermostats are a better investment to give you more control of the balance of the temperature throughout the day. You need to make sure to reduce temperature at night and while everyone is out of the home. The Smart gives you more control though programable thermostats are beneficial if you prefer.

Home Energy Audit

Having a home energy audit done is also beneficial towards maximizing heating efficiency, which pairs with consistent maintenance services. To help prioritize your efficiency upgrades, determine where energy is wasted as well as to learn how you’re using your energy, a home energy audit has its advantages. Local heating professionals can help review your HVAC system and suggest improvements on how to efficiently get the most out of your system after you figure out where your energy and heat is being used.

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