How Do You Sleep at the Perfect Temperature in Sienna Plantation, TX? AC Maintenance & More

No one wants to get poor sleep at night. When you aren’t sleeping well, it can cause all sorts of health issues that can greatly impact your quality of life. Many people don’t realize that the temperature of their home can have a big impact on how well they are sleeping. It is something that people should be paying attention to, especially, if they aren’t getting the rest that they need. Absolute P&M Services is here to talk about the impact that the temperature can have on the sleep that you’re getting.

Heat Equals Poor Sleep

There have been several studies that show how important it is to sleep in an ideal temperature. Not only should you be paying attention to the temperature of your home, but you should also be aware of the blankets, bedding, and mattress that you’re sleeping on as well. These all play a role in how hot you are when trying to get some shut eye. These studies have shown that people sleep best when they are in an environment of about 65-68 degrees. If you are sleeping in a home that is higher than that, it could be the reason that you aren’t feeling fully rested when you wake up in the morning.

The Problem with Sleeping in a Hot House

Some people will tell you that they prefer to sleep in a room that is warm. This is something that should be looked at closely though. You might want to reconsider this since sleeping in a warm room can keep your body from reaching deeper, more meaningful sleep. This sleep is known as slow-wave sleep. Your body needs to be able to lower its core temperature 2 degrees to get to this stage of sleep. If your environment is too warm, it is unable to do this.

The Role Your AC Plays in Sleep

It might be tempting to keep your home warmer to save money during the summer months, but this could be the cause of the lack of sleep you are getting at night. This is why it is so important that your AC is working as it should to keep your home cool. If there are any problems that could be keeping your AC from cooling your home effectively, it is important to contact your HVAC company right away to come and make any necessary repairs to get your unit working perfectly to keep you cool both day and night throughout the summer.

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