How Do You Know when Your AC Needs to Be Serviced in Humble, TX? Low Air Flow, Weird Sounds & More

When it comes to the air conditioning system, a little TLC can go along way. Ensuring you regularly change the air filters, keeping the unit and around the unit clean and clutter-free, monitoring thermostat settings, and ensuring the cooling system is professionally serviced once a year can keep the air conditioning purring like a kitten and make it last. All mechanical things eventual wear down, even with diligent care, and when it does, you want a pro taking care of the repairs sooner rather than later so the issues do not become worse. Today, we at Absolute P&M Services would like to list a few symptoms the air conditioner needs attention from a professional.

Low Air Flow

Struggling with sufficient airflow is fairly common. If you have had to run your air conditioner for longer periods of time or at cooler temperatures, than you have experienced low airflow. Typically, something you notice fairly early on in the season in most cases is low airflow. Make sure the air filters are new, and if they are, call in the professionals.

AC Giving Off a Bad Smell

It is time to do a little investigating into your air conditioning system if in the event you notice that there are foul odors throughout your home. When you run your air conditioner, you notice that these unpleasant odors are its peak. It could point to build up on your home’s coils, and foul odors can point to a sign of mold. Call the professionals in if there are any unpleasant odors.

AC Makes Weird Sounds

Though the air conditioner is not going to be silent when it runs, it should not be noisy either. It is time to schedule an appointment with us if you sigh every time you turn on your air conditioner because you know your home is about to get loud. A sign of an air conditioner that’s going to cause a significant amount of trouble is a loud air conditioner. You need to schedule a repair service if you notice sounds like rattling, banging, scraping, or scratching.

Hot & Cold Spots in My House

If there any hot and cold spots throughout your home, you may have a problem. However, some natural temperature imbalances throughout your home should be expected. You might notice a front room that’s filled with lots of windows and natural light is much warmer than a room in the back of your house that receives very little for instance. This occurrence is normal and does not raise any red flags. The real issue is noticing the huge temperature disparities, which is a sign of AC inefficiency.

Energy Bill is High All of a Sudden

It is time to schedule an appointment with our team members if in the event your energy bills seem to have spiked without a clear reason. It means that the likely culprit is inefficiency if you have not done anything to warrant the spike in your bills. Because it will only grow worse with time, this is not something you want to brush away.

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