How Do I Keep My House Cool when AC is Broken & I’m Waiting for Emergency AC Repair in Humble, TX?

When your air conditioning system goes down and it is hot outside, the inside of the home will begin to heat up very quickly. When the air conditioner breaks down you can contact an HVAC service and request emergency repairs. However, even emergency repairs can take hours and even days as parts are in short supply. In the meantime, your home is increasingly become warmer and warmer. For those with elderly or young children, overheating can become life threatening. In most cases you should contact a nearby family member or friend and see if they will allow you to stay with them. However, when there is no other option but to stay home, you will want to look for ways to help cool down the home. Absolute P&M Services will share a few tricks on how to keep your home cool while you wait for your air conditioning system to be repaired.

How Do I Keep My House Cool Without Working HVAC?

When your air conditioner breaks down, and while you are waiting for it to be repaired or replaced, there are ways you can help to cool down the home. You will not be able to make the home the same temperature as your air conditioning system, but you can reduce how hot the inside will get by turning on fans. If you have ceiling or standing fans, turn them all on. Fans can help reduce the temperature by 4 degrees or so. You can also place damp rags or towels around standing fans which help to make the area feel even cooler. Next, block out all of the sun light. Close all of the blinds and drop down the curtains. If you are able, pin up sheets and blankets to keep the light out. Next, if you have indoor plants, take them to the south and west facing wall. Plants can help reduce the temperature and act as nature’s HVAC system. Lastly, avoid using ovens, stoves, the dryer and dish washing machine as they add heat inside the home. At night open windows and place blocks of ice around the home.

How Can I Cool Myself Down Without AC Cooling Home?

After cooling down the inside space of the home, you will want to keep yourself and other people in the home cool as well. First, make sure to drink plenty of water. The colder the water, the cooler you will feel. Now is also the prefect time for ice cream. You can also help keep yourself cool by keeping a cold damp cloth over your forehead or around your neck. It may also help to take cold showers which will help keep your body temperature cool.

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Air conditioning repairs, depending on the problem, can take time which is why it is important to help your household stay cool. Use these tips to stay cool and let your HVAC technician repair your air conditioning system as soon as they can. For emergency HVAC repair services and more, contact Absolute P&M Services today.

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