Homeowners Guide to Prevent Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs this Summer in Fresno, TX

As a homeowner it is important to properly maintain your home’s air conditioning system. There are a number of steps a homeowner can take to prevent emergency repairs or premature wear of the air conditioner. Many homeowners often think changing the air filter is as far as homeowner maintenance gets. However, there is so much more care a homeowner can give their air conditioner units. Absolute P&M Service will share some of the basics of the care a homeowner can give their home’s cooling system throughout the year.

Maintain Clearance Around AC Condenser Unit

For homes with a grounded air conditioner unit it is important to keep bushes, shrubs, flowers, weeds and grass away from the unit. It is important to provide at least a foot clearing around the air conditioner to prevent air flow restriction and debris from damaging the unit. For roof top units, make sure tree branches do not impact the air conditioner unit. Trim back branches and remove all of the leaves around the air conditioner unit in the fall.

Clean Air Vents in House or Apartment

The return and out take vents should be cleaned at least once a year. Vents should be taken down and clean the in duct work as far as your vacuum can reach. This will help to reduce dust inside the home as well as the amount of dust that can infect the air conditioner unit. Additionally, make sure all of the air vents are fully open and that furniture or curtains do not block the vents. For the longevity of the air conditioner unit never restrict air flow through the air vents as it causes major stress and imbalance inside the home.

Change Air Filters

Air filters should be checked once a month and changed out as needed. Depending on the home surroundings, air filters can last anywhere between one and three months. To make sure the air filter gets changed out on time make sure to check the air filters monthly.

Clean AC Condensate Drain Line

Once to twice a year it is recommended that the condensate drain is cleaned. All the homeowner needs to do is mix bleach with some water and pour it down the condensate drain. When creating the water bleach mixture, make sure the bleach is about ten percent of the mixture and the rest is water. By keeping the condensate drain line clean you can prevent clogs as well as mold or algae from developing inside the pipe.

Central AC Preventive Tune Up Maintenance & Inspection

With proper maintenance the homeowner can help prevent unexpected emergency repairs. Combine this with professional air conditioner tune-up services that inspects, cleans and repairs your air conditioner. In so doing, your home’s cooling system will be reliable all summer long. As the homeowner it is important to play your role in the care of your air conditioning system. By preforming these basic tasks you ensure the health and efficiency of your home cooling system.

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