Furnace Gas Valve Failure in Manvel, TX; Troubleshooting & Replacement of Stuck or Not Opening Valves

Modern gas furnaces use a gas control valve to control the flow of gas to your home’s heating system. As little as this component is, it has a major effect on the entire furnace and its performance. When the gas control valve goes bad or wears down, it not only affects the home heating system, but entire household’s safety as well. Absolute P&M Services will share what it means when this component breaks and what can be done to correct this problem.

Gas Control Valve Stuck or Not Opening

The gas control valve essentially controls the flow of gas from the gas supply line that feeds into the furnace. When a furnace fails to produce heat, one of the culprits could be the gas control valve. There are a few different reasons why a gas control valve may not work. The first reason is simply due to time and use. Gas control valves can wear down over time. They will last anywhere from 10 to 15 years at best case scenario. However, now and then a faulty gas control valve can be found in a newer unit. Another reason why a gas control valve would fail is if it got wet.

Safety Concern of a Gas Control Valve Failure

Gas is the fuel to your home heating, which is combustible and dangerous to breathe. However, furnaces and other heating systems such as water heaters or gas boilers have a built-in safety feature that prevents gas from filling up the inside of home or other building. One of these safety features is the gas control valve, among a few others. If there is gas present inside the building it can be due to a faulty gas control valve that is not switched off fully. If the furnace has a faulty gas control valve it is essential to have the valve replaced.

How to Fix Failure of Gas Control Valves with Replacement

If your furnace is not producing heat it may be due to a damaged or worn out gas control valve. When a furnace fails, it is a good time to contact a professional heating and cooling repair service. They can do a thorough inspection of the furnace and they often will start at the ignition which includes the gas control valve. If needed, the gas control valve can be replaced to ensure safety as well as proper performance.

Yearly Furnace Tune Up Preventative Maintenance

To prevent furnace failure it is recommended to have the furnace serviced yearly. Most heating and cooling professionals will recommend having the furnace serviced every fall to ensure it runs smoothly all winter long. However, if the furnace was never serviced, anytime is a good time. By having the furnace serviced and or tuned-up it is inspected by a professional for any early signs of faulty parts. Additionally, the furnace is cleaned, lubricated, and all hardware is tightened back down.

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