Central Air Conditioner Installation Tips in Bacliff, TX; Hire a Professional HVAC Contractor & More

A home with air conditioning makes hot summer months more comfortable. Installation of a new air conditioner also provides you with more energy savings and advanced features that your current unit doesn’t have. However, if your new unit isn’t installed correctly, it will not provide you with any of these benefits.

Tips for Quality Air Conditioning Installation

Hire a professional HVAC contractor. The best way to make sure your installation goes smoothly is to hire an expert to install it. You don’t have the right tools or the experience to make sure it’s done right. Refrigerant levels must be accurate, mounts need to be secure, pressure needs to be correct, proper voltage, etc. Many professionals are called to correct the mistakes that are made by those that don’t know what they’re doing. It can end up costing more to fix these problems than it would have to have hire them to begin with.
Know about HVAC energy efficiency ratings. When you shop for a new air conditioner, you’ll need to know about energy efficiency ratings. There are two ratings you need to familiarize yourself with: the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating and the ENERGY STAR label. The SEER rating of a new unit should be at least 14 and closer to 20 for optimal efficiency. The ENERGY STAR label is a seal from the EPA that tells you the unit is efficient without sacrificing any performance. More efficient units will cost more upfront, but the savings will offset the cost.
Keep the AC technician informed. You need to make sure that the technician you hire measures your home. Correct measurements are needed to determine the size of your new air conditioning unit so it can work most efficiently. When a unit is too small it will not keep your home as cool as you’d like and will use a lot more energy trying to do so. When a unit is too large it may short cycle and wear down more quickly.
Follow an AC maintenance schedule. Do you want your new system to work properly and efficiently for years to come? The best way to make this happen is to get on a maintenance schedule right after it’s installed. Regular maintenance will ensure your system remains effective for as long as possible, prevents unexpected repairs and keeps your monthly bills low.

Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

1. Lack of cool air and limited airflow. These are the most obvious signs that your air conditioner needs to be replaced.
2. Moisture buildup. When your air conditioner can’t handle moisture build it can create an undesirable breeding ground for mold.
3. Odd sounds from air conditioner. Has your system becomes noisier than it used to be? You may need an upgrade if you start to hear grinding, squeaking or chattering noises.
4. Foul odors from air conditioning system. Just like odd sounds are abnormal, so are foul odors. A smoky or burning smell can indicate a serious problem and needs immediate attention.
5. Higher energy bills. This is an indication that your current system is working too hard to cool your home.

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