Central AC Condensate Drain Line Keeps Clogging in Pasadena, TX? Symptoms & How to Unclog

During the hot summer season your home’s air conditioner is not only cooling the inside air but it also removes the humidity as well. The humidity inside the air is collected in the air handler and then drips into the condensate pan. This pan has a drainage hole where the water is then led through a piping system and then out and away from the home safely. However, when this drainage system develops a clog, water will build up and begin to leak out of the pan. This will cause water damage and leaks. Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical will share what to do if your drainage line has a clog and how to know when one occurs.

Why Does My Central Air Conditioner Drain Line Keep Clogging?

All of the humidity that is removed inside the air is collected in the air handlers. As more and more humidity is collected, the condensation builds up creating water which will drip into the condensate pan. The combination of air particles and moisture allow microscopic bacteria to develop such as mold and algae. Clumps of muddy balls can form. Over time the mud balls, mold or algae can grow enough to clog the drainage hole or develop inside the pipe line of the drainage system. There can be other contributors such as insects and other pests climbing inside or dragging in debris.

Clogged AC Drain Line Symptoms

If you have a newer air handler, they come with advanced features that can detect a clog. The air conditioner will shut off when a clog is detected. The advanced models even can send an alert by email or text. This is a convenient feature that older models don’t have. If you have a less advanced model, often you will see water stains that develop in the ceiling due to the dripping. Most clogs can be prevented with annual HVAC tune ups and inspections. If a clog is detected and if you have an older unit, make sure to turn off the air conditioner until the clog is removed.

How to Unclog AC Drain Pipe

To clear out a clog first the clog must be located. If the clog is near the opening of the drainage hole then the clogs can simply be cleaned. However, removing clogs within the drainage line requires the use of different tools. First a wet/dry shop vacuum is used to suck out all of the debris from both ends of the drainage line. If the vacuum can’t remove the clog because it is too deep in the piping where the suction can’t reach, then a high pressure air hose is used to force the clog out. In extreme situations, a plumbing snake can be uses to push and break up the clogs.

Central Air Conditioning Tune Up Maintenance in Santa Fe, Tomball, Sugar Land, Galveston & Greater Houston, Texas

Clogs occur over time and are a common problem. It is important to turn the unit off until the clog is removed or it can result in water damage. As clogs develop an HVAC technician can clear out the debris before major clogs occur with regular tune up services. If a clog develops and you need help clearing out the clog, contact Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical. We provide plumbing and HVAC services. Contact Absolute Plumbing & Mechanical today!

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